Goon Yard是过去几个月中最引人注目和鼓舞人心的创业项目之一。经过长时间的会议和与客户的讨论,我们终于在设计风格上有了突破性的改变,以接近西区最有潜力的市场–芹苴市。

Goon Yard is one of the most remarkable and inspiring start-up project in the past several months. After long haul meetings and discussions with customers, we finally came up with a breakthrough change in our design style in order to approach the most potential market in Westside – Can Tho city.

Goon Yard的灵感来自于工业主义风格,这是芹苴市的主要特征,因为它本身有很大的进步。特别是,由于我们希望在芹苴市的咖啡市场上创造一种持久的价值和诱惑,Ksoul增加了即将到来的大城市的现代、活泼和繁忙的形象。

Goon Yard is inspired by the industrialism style, the key characteristic of Can Tho as it is having a great advancement to itself. Especially, as we wish to create an endurable value and tempt to be unique in the coffee market in Can Tho, Ksoul has added modern, lively, and hectic images of a soon-to-be big city.

利用以橙色为主调、以天蓝色为映衬的集装箱图像,Ksoul产生了醒目和诱人的建筑价值,将一个大的地点转变为Mac Thien Tich街上最杰出的咖啡店。

Making use of container images with orange is the main tone and sky-blue is the reflection, Ksoul has generated architecture values which are eye-catching and tempting, transforming a large location to the most outstanding coffee store on Mac Thien Tich street.

Architects: KSOUL Studio
Area: 230 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Valor Studio
Manufacturers: Dulux, Kohler, CONPA, EUROTO, MaiKa, TRUONG THANH CONTAINER
Architect In Charge:Huynh The Nguyen
Design Team:Ksoul Studio
Client :Mr. Khoa, Goon Yard
Engineering:Mr. Bui Van Bac, HMP Construction Company