绿色解决方案之家的愿景是成为一个循环可持续发展的示范基地,有三个目标:1)展示绿色解决方案,2)促进持续改进,3)实现知识共享。建筑物本身的设计是基于几个参数,以显示一个整体的可持续发展方法。该建筑已通过DGNB标准认证,被记录为 “活性建筑”,并被纳入 “从摇篮到摇篮 “登记册。

The vision for Green Solution House is to be a demonstratorium for circular sustainability with three goals 1) to demonstrate green solutions 2) to promote continuous improvement and 3) to enable knowledge sharing. The design of the building itself is based on several parameters to show a holistic approach to sustainability. The building has been certified to DGNB standards, documented as an Active House and accepted in the Cradle to Cradle registry.

翻新后的酒店客房和新的会议大楼伸向周围的自然公园,这里的季节性湖泊确保所有的水都在现场处理,并为当地的生物区和红色名录物种创造了栖息地。您的舒适度是Green Solution House的中心体验。这种体验来自于周围的自然环境,来自于海洋的清新空气,以及无处不在的充足日光。

The renovated hotel rooms and new conference building reaches out into the surrounding nature park where seasonal lakes ensures that all water is handled on site and creates habitat for local biotopes and red listed species. Your comfort is the center experience at Green Solution House. This experience comes from being in ever presence of the surrounding nature, the clean air from the ocean, and the abundance of daylight everywhere.

概念-背景与问题解决需求。客户的商业案例是旋转的中心。为了吸引业务,Green Solution House始终要成为最先进的可持续发展的展示平台,以吸引绿色会议。

Concept-Context & problems confronted to solve needs. The client’s business case is the center of rotation. In order to attract business Green Solution House has always to be a showcase for state-of-the-art sustainability to attract green conferences.


At Green Solution House, we aspire to eliminate the concept of waste. In order to do this materials can be disassembled, recycled or are biodegradable. We have active materials that purify the air, both indoors and outdoors. We have created a regenerative system where algae filter cleanses wastewater to drinking water quality, and another one that transform kitchen leftovers to nutrients and clean energy.


We explore circular sustainability through multiple sustainable strategies that are constantly informed by local conditions and the pragmatic use of resources: on-site energy production, natural technology, intelligent indoor climate, design for disassembly, clean air and daylight and a reclaim reuse renovate approach to the existing buildings and interiors.


Smart hotel rooms feature a custom-designed app that tracks the impact of the guest’s stay, monitoring water and energy consumption, daylight levels, air quality, temperature and humidity levels. Construction –Materials & Structure. We developed our own material filter to select materials, prioritising certifications and environmental labels, recyclability, social responsibility, use of resources, safety of compounds, and energy in production, to name a few.

通过与当地制造商的对话,我们也摸索出了可以在Green Solution House进行升级循环的废物流。当地采石场在切割石料时留下的灰尘和碎屑被用于无沥青停车区。当地一家玻璃学院捐赠了废玻璃,我们将其在水泥搅拌机中翻滚,并使用透水生态树脂铺设花园中的步行道。

Through dialogue with local manufactures, we also mapped out waste streams that could be upcycled in Green Solution House. Left over dust and chips from the local quarry created when cutting stone where used in a bitumen free parking area. A local glass academy donated waste glass that we tumbled in a cement mixer and used to pave the walking paths in the garden with permeable eco resin.

我们没有将材料和服务运到岛上,而是尽可能选择当地的材料。入口处的混凝土构件是在距离工地5公里的地方浇筑的,花岗岩则是从10公里外的采石场采购的。活性材料,包括地毯、石膏板和屋顶膜,有助于净化空气,同时丰富的窗户、天窗、光通道确保整个设施内有充足的自然光照射到客人和员工。 我们在景观中种植了当地的生物群落,加强了当地的生物多样性,餐厅提供当地的农产品。

Instead of transporting materials and services to the island, we selected local options whenever possible. Concrete elements for the entrance where cast 5km from the site and granite sourced from a quarry 10km away. Active materials, including carpets, plasterboard and roof membrane, help clean the air while abundant windows, skylights, light channels ensure abundant natural light reaches guests and staff throughout the facility. We planted local biotopes in the landscape, strengthening the native biodiversity and the restaurant serves local produce.

占地面积:4500 m²
摄影:Adam Mørk
制造商:VELUX Commercial
设计团队:Kim Herforth Nielsen, Kasper Guldager Jørgensen, Peter Feltendal, Laura Diestel, Majbritt Lerche Madsen, Morten Norman Lund, Tore Banke and Simon McKenzie
建筑师合伙人:William McDonough + Partners (cradle to cradle)
工程师:Esbensen Consulting Engineers (climate and energy)
Architects: 3XN
Area: 4500 m²
Year: 2015
Photographs: Adam Mørk
Manufacturers: VELUX Commercial
Design Team:Kim Herforth Nielsen, Kasper Guldager Jørgensen, Peter Feltendal, Laura Diestel, Majbritt Lerche Madsen, Morten Norman Lund, Tore Banke and Simon McKenzie
Partner Architects:William McDonough + Partners (cradle to cradle)
Engineer:Esbensen Consulting Engineers (climate and energy)