Green&Protein Podgorica 食品和饮料 ,黑山, Maden Group



Sustainability is a tough topic to avoid nowadays, and much more so in the world of interiors; thus, doing our part for the environment is critical.

And that’s exactly what we did, and where the inspiration for this project’s interior design came from.

既然Green and Protein作为一个专营店代表着健康的食品和饮料,那么还有什么比引入一个 “健康环境 “的设计更好的呢。

Since Green and Protein as a franchise stands for healthy food and drinks, then what’s a better way to introduce a “healthy environment” design.


We get to feel the entire experience in this project, where the major idea for this design comes from recycled cardboard tubes that were employed as parts in creating the design as a whole, whether it is for walls or the bar.

而绿色的涂料和瓷砖则很好地补充了设计,给工作氛围带来了宁静和动力。额外的植被被Z世代称为他们的 “下一个最好的朋友”,总是帮助吸收最坏的东西,带出最好的东西。

While the green paint and tiles complement the design well by giving peace and motivation to a working atmosphere. The additional vegetation, which Gen Z refers to as their “next best friend,” always helps taking in the worst and bringing out the best.


The end result is a welcoming, healthy, and sustainable environment that we are delighted to call our own design.

Architects: Maden Group
Area : 140 m²
Year : 2022
Photographs :Leonit Ibrahimi
Lead Architects : Ideal Vejsa, Egzon Dana
City : Podgorica
Country : Montenegro