Haight 商店,巴西,MNMA studio

干预发生在位于里约热内卢Leblon的一栋25层楼的80平方米的重叠部分。最大的挑战是处理在这个相当大的空间中间发现的柱子。这就是项目的前提,用玻璃制成的立方体 “拥抱 “同一体积的新板块,扩大空间的可能性。

The intervention happened in 80 square meters of an overlap in a building of 25 floors located in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro. The biggest challenge was dealing with the pillar found literally in the middle of the considerable space. That was the premise of the project, to “embrace” the same volume with a cube made of glass superimposed on a new slab, expanding the possibilities of space.


In the event that there is a change in the quality of the product, it must be taken into consideration that, in the case of construction materials, the space was designed to maintain the feeling of a handmade product.

它是与Pasalacqua水泥和绘画联合开发的。有机产品,以粘土为基础,以自然的方式包裹着空间,寻找像沙子一样的短暂元素的感觉。所有的外部区域和行人通道被设计成与外部空间产生一种 “统一 “的感觉。强化了公共和私人空间之间关系的重要性。

It was developed in association with Pasalacqua cement and paintings. Organic products, clay-based, that wrapped the space in a natural way looking for a feeling of ephemeral elements like sand. All the external areas and the pedestrian access was designed to generate a sense of “unity” with the external space. Reinforcing the importance of the relation between the public and the private space.

Architects: MNMA studio
Area: 80 m²
Year: 2018
Photographs: Fran Parente
Lead Architects: Andre Pepato, Mariana Schmidt


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