Haiyes住宅,中国台北,Republic Design

Haiyes是位于台湾台北的一个极简的室内设计,由Republic Design设计。样板间也有一些缺点,客厅和用餐区都缺少阳光,因为按照原来的布局,它被两间卧室挡住了。现有的结构被仔细地分解,设计师试图用网格划分重新组织分区,创建一个屏风来分隔不同的区域,同时也将自然光引入公共空间。

Haiyes is a minimal interior located in Taipei, Taiwan, designed by Republic Design. The model unit has some disadvantages as the living and dining areas are both lacking in sunlight since it was blocked by two bedrooms according to the original layout. The existing structure was carefully dismembered and the designers tried to reorganize the partitions with gridded partitions to create a screen to separate different areas, while also bring in the natural light to the public space.
The gridded partition is very important to the space as it can be considered as a screen of the foyer, a visual balancing of the tv wall, and also a divider of areas. The display cabinet connected with a desk in living room, and the bedroom wardrobe, which make it look like a whole set of furniture on the wall. The interior consists of warm material such as pale pinkish grey as the main color of the space, accompanied with walnut wood to maintain a cozy atmosphere.

Design:Republic Design
Photograph:Republic Design