叶山的房子四面环山。该项目是与ENJOYWORKS合作进行的,ENJOYWORKS正在开发自己的施工方法,条件是可以自由规划常规施工箱的内部。我加深了关于如何在所需的平方米数确定的轮廓内进行划分的想法。因此,与简单的盒子相反,插入具有三次曲面的“窗帘”的概念是基于计算机的光线模拟,例如光线如何进入,房间之间的距离感,空间的分布,墙壁的倾斜度以及如何挤压。 ,彻底使用精益零件并向业主展示。由乳白色的丙烯酸板和Tsu木格子组成的“窗帘”横跨南北,并通过稍微倾斜上端,将第一层以柱廊为中心,第二层为一系列小房间轻轻分开时会给人一种距离感。此外,我们在必要的地方开了一些孔,以使人们能够真实地看待外观和感觉。窗帘在白天是干净的白色表面,但在晚上,它像纸灯笼一样照亮整个房子,我们专注于成为这座房子的重要元素,在整个白天创造出各种效果。此外,为了在有限的施工期内实现困难的施工,我们从3D建模中创建了预切割图纸,以促进与承包商的顺利交互。

Hayama house surrounded by mountains. The project was carried out in collaboration with ENJOYWORKS, which is developing its own construction method, under the condition that the inside of the conventional construction box could be freely planned. I deepened my thoughts on how to partition within the outline determined from the required number of square meters.Therefore, the concept of inserting a “curtain” with a cubic curved surface, which is contrasted with a simple box, is a computer simulation of how light enters, the sense of distance between rooms, the spread of space, the inclination of the wall and how to squeeze , Thorough usage of lean parts and presentation to the owner.The “curtain” composed of a milky acrylic board and a lattice of Tsuga wood crosses north and south, and by tilting the upper end a little, the first floor centered on the colonnade and the second floor, which is a series of small rooms, It gives a sense of distance while gently dividing. In addition, we made openings where necessary to allow people to actually look and feel. The “curtain” is a clean white surface during the day, but at night it illuminates the entire house like a paper lantern, and it was focused on becoming an important element of this house, which creates various effects throughout the day.In addition, in order to realize difficult construction within the limited construction period, we created pre-cut drawings from 3D modeling to facilitate smooth interaction with the contractor.

Completion date: December 2019
Site area: 151.07㎡
Building area: 50.17㎡
Total floor area: 74.52㎡
Construction: Wise Home Co., Ltd.
Photo: Takashi Okamoto