HawkinsBrown已经完成了位于Angel Edmonton的前Highmead Estate,现在更名为Prowse Court和Lord Graham Mews,该项目正在重新开发,作为一个全面投资计划的一部分,旨在启动伦敦恩菲尔德区的复兴。

Hawkins\Brown has completed the former Highmead Estate in Angel Edmonton, now renamed Prowse Court and Lord Graham Mews, which is being redeveloped as part of a comprehensive investment programme designed to kick start the regeneration of the London Borough of Enfield.


The scheme includes 118 new residential units of which 22 are houses. A health centre and a new community facility, designed by Hawkins\Brown also occupy the site. Located in an area of social and economic deprivation, the site interfaces with both a town centre high street and streets of two storey terrace houses. The scheme seeks to make a positive statement of regeneration through a distinctive architectural form and a responsive urban site planning approach.

Hawkins/Brown公司的合伙人Greg Moss说。”这个项目进一步加深了我们对再生的理解。从实现战略规划目标、吸引开发商、使设计对房主和商业租户有吸引力,我们知道在不同的情况下什么会起作用。这个项目表明,我们可以创造适当的新身份,并强调地方建设。我们知道如何控制密度以提高公共领域的戏剧性,并在私人区域创造亲密感和可防御性。同样地,我们可以操纵质量和规模,以产生地标,定义场地边缘,并组装城市景观的剧院”。

Greg Moss, Partner at Hawkins\Brown, said: “This project has furthered our understanding of regeneration. From achieving strategic planning goals, attracting a developer and making designs marketable to homeowners and commercial tenants, we know what will work in different contexts. This project shows that we can create appropriate new identities and emphasise place making. We know how to control density to heighten the drama of the public realm and create intimacy and defensibility in private areas. Similarly, we can manipulate mass and scale to produce landmarks, define site edges and assemble the theatre of townscape”.

恩菲尔德委员会的Peter George说。”Prowse Court代表了Angel Edmonton重建的第一个实体表现。从一开始的目标就是交付一座地标性建筑;Hawkins/Brown公司的设计不仅超越了这一目标,而且包括了基本的健康和社区设施,这意味着普罗沃斯宫将成为整个社区的真正焦点”。

Peter George at Enfield Council said: “Prowse Court represents the first physical manifestation of the regeneration of Angel Edmonton. The objective from the outset was the delivery of a landmark building; the design by Hawkins\Brown not only exceeds this objective but the inclusion of essential health and community facilities will mean that Prowse Court will be a real focus for the whole community”.

农村合作组织的首席执行官Richard Cherry说。”乡村公司非常喜欢与我们的合作伙伴恩菲尔德委员会、纽伦公司、建筑师Hawkins/Brown和社区合作,创造一个美丽的新地标项目,为该地区带来急需的经济适用房,以及新的全科手术、零售和社区中心。我们祝愿所有的新居民、零售商和社区中心的用户受到热烈欢迎”。

Richard Cherry, Chief Executive of Partnerships at Countryside said: “Countryside thoroughly enjoyed working with our partners Enfield Council, Newlon, the architect Hawkins\Brown and the community in creating a beautiful new landmark development, which brings much needed affordable housing to the area as well as a new GP surgery, retail and community centre. We wish all the new residents, retail occupants and users of the community centre a very big welcome”.



The redevelopment reinforces the high street by replacing existing shops with new, better serviced units, by aligning the residential block along the street edge and making a dramatic contribution to the townscape. At the same time, the orientation of the flatted block is changed from east-west to north-south to optimize solar gain and improve daylighting. To the rear Hawkins\Brown introduced new, energy efficient (Code 4) houses to complete the Victorian suburban fabric that was disrupted by development in the 1960s.

Through a tender process, Enfield selected Countryside as the preferred Development Partner to whom Hawkins\Brown was novated. The scheme used BIM for coordination of design and subsequent delivery.

Architects: Hawkins\Brown
Photographs :Tim Crocker