Hofu之家,日本山口,Tato Architects

Hofu House是日本山口市的一个极简住宅,由Tato Architects设计。这所房子被打捞上来的木头覆盖着,以前用来存放味噌。多功能空间还为拥有特色酱油品牌的客户提供商店和仓库。最值得注意的是内部庭院提供了开阔的场地和充足的自然光进入室内。

House in Hofu is a minimal residence located in Yamaguchi, Japan, designed by Tato Architects. The home is clad in salvaged wood that was formerly used to store miso. The multi-purpose space also serves as a shop and warehouse for the clients who own a specialty soy sauce brand. Most notable is in the internal courtyard that provides and open field and abundant natural light to enter the interior.

Design:Tato Architects
Photography:Tato Architects


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