Homme is not just a store, but a unique experience of an urban environment within the context of highly commercial space. Homme is a break from the usual shopping mall experience with a number of distinct aesthetic signs … The height gives the feeling of space and at the same time exposes the structure and ventilation of the space lighting systems.


Homme is a concept store known for its various options of clothing brands for men. Since the design is an extension of the already existing store, it was important to create a new visual marker that links the two floors together and adds to the identity of the store. The royal blue-colored stairs, encircled by metal wires that act as a railway as well, do just that… and they invite the visitor to check out the newly designed space.


The floors are rendered in ceramic tiles, the walls colored in plain gray whereas the ceiling is made of corrugated metal sheets. To further emphasize the urban identity of the design, scaffolding was used to display clothes and to create other elements within the retail function of the store. A three-meter high mirror mounted within the scaffolding is a visual marker of the store as well.

这面镜子因其尺寸而给空间带来了另一个维度,但也因为看到镜子在脚手架内完美地放置而产生了令人惊讶的效果。商店的另一个 “城市 “元素是酒吧,它是由暴露的黑色玻璃砖组成的。人们可以一边轻松地享受饮料,一边在店里寻找要买的衣服。

The mirror gives another dimension to the space due to its size but also due to the surprising effect of seeing a mirror staying perfectly put inside a scaffolding. Another “urban” element to the store is the bar, which is made up of exposed black glass bricks. One can easily enjoy a drink as they look around for what clothes to buy in the store

商店的后面通向一个露台,这又是整个 “购物 “体验中的另一个额外惊喜。这个冰冷的城市室内环境的平静在露台上得到了延续,不透明的窗帘围绕着这个空间,彩色的椅子和桌子。

The back of the store opens to a terrace which is again another added surprise to the whole “shopping” experience. The calmness of this icy urban interior is continued in the terrace with opaque curtains surrounding the space and colorful chairs and tables.


Steel for shelving, tubular neon lights, a high ceiling and corrugated metal sheets, a glass brick bar with drinks and neon colored furniture, strengthen Homme’s reworked identity and combine a shopping experience with that of cocktail bar experience, while at the same time making the visitor completely forget that they are within a shopping center in the first place.

Architects: Maden Group
Area : 170 m²
Year : 2021
Photographs :Atdhe Mulla