B之家,巴西,AR Arquitetos

Casa B由一个棱形的体量组成,以谨慎和个性的方式镶嵌在景观中。底层裸露的混凝土将各个空间统一起来,从通道开始,向房屋开放,并使住宅周围的花园具有连续性。

Casa B consists of a prismatic volume that is set in the landscape with discretion and personality. The exposed concrete on the ground floor unites the spaces, from the access, opening up to the house and giving continuity to the gardens that surround the residence.


The upper floor has a micro-perforated metal sheet with precise openings that frame the landscape, creating a smooth contrast between what is handcrafted and technological, overlapping tonalities and textures.


The roof holds a studio that opens towards the garden, overlooking the treetops. The presence of an opening on the upper floor creates a double-height in the entrance, through which you can see the entrance and the square in front.

Architects: AR Arquitetos
Area: 370 m²
Year: 2021
Photographs: Maíra Acayaba
Lead Architects: Marina Acayaba, Juan Pablo Rosenberg
Project Authors:AR Arquitetos – Marina Acayaba e Juan Pablo Rosenberg
Project Team:Vitor Endo
City:São Paulo


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