House in Oyamazaki住宅,日本京都,Atelier Loöwe

Oyamazaki的房屋是由AtelierLoöwe和Shimpei Oda Architect Office设计的位于日本京都的极简主义住宅。该项目是对1968年建造的钢筋混凝土梯形房屋的翻新。1966年,该住宅区建立并开始施工,在随后的10年中,建造了各种梯形房屋。该居住区在Oyamazaki的发展中起着重要作用。如今,许多建筑物都经过了多次翻新,以增加建筑面积。

House in Oyamazaki is a minimal residence located in Kyoto, Japan, designed by Atelier Loöwe and Shimpei Oda Architect Office. The project is a renovation of a reinforced concrete terraced house built in 1968. In 1966, this residential area was established and construction began, in the following 10 years, a variety of terraced houses was build. This residential area played a major role in the development of Oyamazaki; nowadays many of the buildings have undergone repeated renovations to gain extra floor areas.
Over the time, this house had a series of ambiguous rooms and corridors added to the original plan, resulting in the rooms in the center to become dark without natural light. Reinforced concrete buildings often have structural load-bearing walls, which are difficult to remove, the same applies to this house. Therefore, the load-bearing walls was left, and it was decided to work with and take advantage of the inherent migratory nature.

Design:Atelier Loöwe & Shimpei Oda Architect Office.
Photography:Norihito Yamauchi