House of Chickens鸡舍,土耳其, SO? Architecture&Ideas

House of Chickens是一座小型建筑,是位于土耳其东部的Palanga艺术和建筑农场的一部分。该农场是由国际知名艺术家Kutlug Ataman经营的一个设计项目,旨在振兴土耳其东部一个被忽视的地区,该地区最初成立于1888年,由于该国现代化从农村迁移到别的地方,因此在50年代被遗弃。由于农场的主要理念是“健康的土壤,健康的动物,健康的人”,基于整体和再生农业原则,农场开始实施自然恢复项目,包括15000平方米的鸟沟,用于野生鸟类的恢复以及每年种植5000棵树以种植枯竭土壤的种植运动。鸡舍是总体规划中第一座完工的建筑,最终将建造谷仓,温室,饲养场,半开放式厨房,鹅舍等; 全部委托给著名的建筑师和设计师。该简报主要强调了我们与大自然的互惠关系,寻求建立一个设计动物收容所的回应。鸡舍以一种轻轻地站在再生土壤上的木结构来满足这种需求。在它完成之后,建筑被鸡作为生活空间,以保护其免受极端气候条件的影响。鸡舍以一种轻轻地站在再生土壤上的木结构来满足这种需求。

House of Chickens is a small building that is designed and implemented as a part of Palanga Art and Architecture Farm located in the east of Turkey. The farm is a design project run by an internationally renowned artist, Kutlug Ataman to revitalize a neglected district in the east of Turkey, which was initially founded in 1888 and abandoned in the 50s due to the modernization of the country that triggers immigrating from rural to urban. Since the main idea of the farm is “healthy soil, healthy animals, healthy people”, based on holistic and regenerative agriculture principles a nature recovery project is initiated in the farm that includes a Bird Groove of 15000 m2, for the rehabilitation of wild birds and a Planting Campaign for planting 5000 trees each year to regenerate the exhausted soil. Chicken Coop is the first completed building in the master plan that will eventually host barns, greenhouses, feedlots, semi-open kitchens, goose coop etc; all commissioned to renowned architects and designers. The brief was mainly underlining our reciprocal relationship with nature, looking for a response to create a designed shelter for animals. The chicken-coop responds to this demand with a timber structure that gently stands on the regenerated soil. Right after it is finished, the structure is embraced by the chickens as a shelter to protect from the extreme conditions of the climate.


Being part of an art and architecture farm that aims to revitalize a neglected rural area into an attraction point without losing its value of rural characteristics, this small building aims to use design as a transforming tool. The main question that the project aims to response is “Can design have a transforming effect on the rural environment without dominating nature?”. Throughout the 20th century, the design has been used as a medium to implement modernity on various parts of our urban lives. Today, the contradiction between urban and rural is sharpened and the values of rural environments that have been neglected for a while are being rediscovered again. Rural is not only an option for retreat any longer, but it is also steadily becoming a way of life that people would prefer instead of a never-ending struggle in a chaotic urban environment.

Design: SO? Architecture&Ideas
Photos: Ali Taptık
Type: Chicken Coop
Size: 60 m2
Location: Erzincan
Status: Completed
Team: Sevince Bayrak, Oral Göktaş, Derya Ertan, Elif Çivici, Selin Çubukçuoğlu, Gülce Yuyar, Zeynep Çabuk


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