FANU 之家,葡萄牙, Bruno Dias Arquitectura

In the vinicity of the Ansião Village, on a ground with gentle and large slope, punctuated by oaks and olive trees, the project arises. The house is lost in the middle of the vegetation, always preserving the greatest amount of preexisting nature. This preservation, is the motto for the definition of the implantation of the work.


This house is organized from a main axis, this axis aims not only to solve the whole functional program, but also to be the delimiting element of the social zones and the private zones. The house develops on a single fllor, slightly raised from the ground. This is gerenated from the place and its characteritics, with some points of contact with the existing ground, aspiring to merge into it,


The adopted solution in the construction uses a small range of materials, giving it the simplicity found in Nature. Two concrete slabs define the exterior shape, creating a great freedom and, consequently, diversity in the creation of interior spaces. These give them a permeability with the outside. The compartments are no longer limited to their wall, with the opening of large spans, and are limited to Nature.

Architects: Bruno Dias Arquitectura
Area : 588 m²
Year : 2016
Photographs :Hugo Santos Silva
Manufacturers : Canalização Alvorgense, Construções Sá Freire, Gesso Cartonado e Reboco Carlos Silva e Miguel Ferreira, Magicube, Systalprof
Constructor : Construções Sá Freire
Client : Nuno Costa & Fátima Ramalho
Team : Bruno Lucas Dias, Humberto Lopes, Joana Zuna, Eugénia Gomes
City : Ansião
Country : Portugal