Laejo之家,葡萄牙, Bruno Dias arquitectura


A gentle swell of land dotted with olive trees, where the project appears as an element in the territory, a minimal gesture, a square. The house is part of a reading of existing walls and landscape in its various scales and conditions, giving the house an intimate character, living to its interior ensuring more privacy.


Responding to a specific functional program, where at various times the house is reaching out to the natural place. On the way through the house at various times, visually perspectivamos space before use. It created an array of divisions around a patio that illuminates indirectly, and circumscribed by a path through the house varies by the action of space and light. The House is generated from the place and its features, and aspires to merge it.

Architects: Bruno Dias arquitectura
Area : 285 m²
Year : 2013
Photographs :Hugo Santos Silva