Martha 之家,墨西哥,Arquitectura nativa

Casa Martha是一个考古学家的家,所以它的设计采用了原始的和手工的技术,其目的是通过它的组成和祖先的材料性来统一时间、形式和背景。

Casa Martha is the home of an archaeologist, so it is designed with rudimental and artisanal techniques, conceived with the aim of unifying time, form, and context through its composition and materiality of ancestral origin.

位于恩塞纳达市和罗萨里托市之间,在La Misión城区,那里的景观与旅游业的建筑类型密集。该地块的尺寸为15 x 40米,位于崎岖的地形上。

Located between the municipalities of Ensenada and Rosarito, in the urban area of ​​La Misión, where the landscape is densified with architectural typologies for tourism. The lot has dimensions of 15 x 40 meters, on a terrain of rugged topography.


The architectural program contemplated a retirement home for a couple, Martha and Bill, as well as a space for the plastic arts. A simple development was proposed, blending in with the site and with minimal intervention. A dialogue between three volumes embedded in the site and oriented towards the Pacific Ocean from a clear axis.


The first level is divided into two areas, the visitor area is made up of two rooms, and the study area can function as a painting and carpentry workshop or as a garage. On the second level, the core of the house is found: the entertainment room, dining room, and kitchen make up the access threshold with large windows and porches woven with salt pine. This lattice generates, in turn, protection from the prevailing winds, as well as a component of privacy towards the interior, generating a play of light and shadows. At the back of the social area, there is a staircase that leads to the third level where the main chamber is located, which has a view of the context’s landscape, in this space the interior is blurred with the exterior.


Casa Martha arises and is modeled with deep sensitivity and respect for its surroundings. The main construction element is compacted earth, in this way the site and its topography are consolidated as the raw materials of the project.

Architects: Arquitectura nativa
Area : 310 m²
Year : 2021
Photographs :Oscar Daniel Hernandez Rodriguez
Manufacturers : AutoDesk, Cemex, La casa del acero, Trimble
Architectural Design : Alfredo Navarro Tiznado
Builder : Pedro Luis Curiel Bojorquez.
Structural Design : Sergio aviña.
Drawing Team : kenia esmeralda garcia rosas.
Text : hanna appel
City : La Misión
Country : Mexico