The plot, very long but nevertheless wide, faced the street on the low level and a big field on the high level. This difference in height creates a big difference in quadrats, almost creating two separate worlds in the same plot. The existing house in schist holds a Romanic church capitel on its facade and arose an initial debate of how to preserve it with the local authorities, due to the state of total ruin and the intentions to extend the house to more than its double.

在原有的两个片岩石体中,我们占用了面向街道的一个房间,而另一个我们没有占用,只是一个外部天井。该建议旨在通过在内部和周围建造一个新的混凝土 “围堰”,来带和巩固原有的建筑,有足够的弹性将住在巩固的街道上的人运送到北区的田野上,最大限度地隔离。这种 “保护 “策略可以在科尔多瓦清真寺和大教堂的高效和持久的例子中找到一些根基,但需要一定的距离。

From the two pre-existing schist stone volumes, we occupied the one facing the street with rooms, whilst the other we unoccupied with an exterior patio. The proposal aims to belt and consolidate the pre-existences by building inside and around a new concrete “coffer”, enough elastic to transport one living on the well-consolidated street to maximum isolation of the fields in the north sector. This “preservation” strategy could have some roots, with the required distances, in the superefficient and lasting example of the Cordoba Mosque and Cathedral.


The concrete walls and slabs are designed both to adapt to the implantation of the pre-existing houses and to a new organizing main axis that defines the entrance space and the more technical area for storage/car porches. Between these two main imposed and auto-imposed circumstances, the design intended to create a system of four more demure patios, more or less open to the outside landscapes. Two of them belong to the street quadrant and the other two belong to the fields.


The absence of a reference for the client request can be surprising, as it’s usual to be a central item for us. Here there was no exception with the significant detail of an almost absolute unanimity throughout the process. Jocosely, the main discussion, and negotiation took place at the end on a big topic: the ceramics combinations.

Area : 320 m²
Year : 2021
Photographs :Tiago Casanova
Project Team : Hugo Barros, Pedro Matos
Construction : Silfermat
Text : Hugo Barros
City : Póvoa de Varzim
Country : Portugal