Zarzales项目是一个位于Valle de Bravo的度假屋,被大自然包围。它是回归最基本的理想场所,并作为一个与自然环境相连的休息空间,周边的松树让项目在其周围环境中迷失。

The Zarzales project is a vacation home located in Valle de Bravo surrounded by nature. It is ideal to return to the most basic and works as a rest space connected with the natural environment, with pine trees around the perimeter that allow the project to be lost within its surroundings.


In the project, the house sought to dialogue with the environment in constant reciprocity. Two volumes were chosen, the first being the entire social area whose primary intention is to bring together the inhabitants. And the second is the room area, where people go to rest.


The construction is made with gabled roofs, due to the constant rains in the area its located. With amply lit spaces, no space truly feels interior, causing the boundary between inside and outside to virtually disappear.


On the other hand, something that was very important during the project process was the trees that were already on the property. Pines with years of antiquity, that is why the location of the volumes was practically given by respecting their location.


This generated a terrace with certain perforations, in order to save the pine trees that contribute so much to the project.

Architects: PPAA
Area: 6943 ft²
Year: 2022
Photographs:Rafael Gamo
Lead Architect: Pablo Pérez Palacios
Design Team: Miguel Vargas
Construction: Nancy Estevez
Program: Residential
City: Valle de Bravo
Country: Mexico