HouseRühlstrasse住宅,瑞士盖尔特金登,Alex Lehnerer Architekten

Ruhlstrasse住宅位于瑞士的Gelterkinden,由Alex Lehnerer Architekten设计。该项目是为一个有三个孩子的家庭建造的住宅。在森林的后面,它的上面是一个大屋顶,一个有圆形屋檐和阳台的坡屋顶。在三个孩子的房间之间,房子向四面开放,人们可以从上面或通过山墙往下看森林。客人可以到外面的任何地方,每一堵墙,每一个元素都可以被包围。平面图是一个场地;视图通过-与缩写和利基。建筑是用现浇混凝土整体建造的,屋顶也是如此。

House Rühlstrasse is a minimal residence located in Gelterkinden, Switzerland, designed by Alex Lehnerer Architekten. The project is a house for a family with three children. Behind the forest, above it the large roof, a hipped roof with all-round eaves and a veranda. Between three children’s rooms, the house opens up on all sides, one can look down from above or through the gable into the forest. Guests can go outside anywhere, every wall, every element can be surrounded. The floor plan is a field; the view goes through – with abbreviation and niche. The construction is monolithic made of in-situ concrete, as is the roof.

Design:Alex Lehnerer Architekten
Photography :Tobias Wootton