House S Keerbergen住宅,比利时,Hans Verstuyft Architecten

House S Keerbergen是一家位于比利时Keerbergen的小型住宅,由Hans Verstuyft Architecten设计。建筑师最关注的是建筑如何与周围的自然环境共存。立面上覆盖着黑色的木质层,既可以掩盖建筑物,也可以防止腐烂和昆虫。黑色的木材遍布整个家居地板,与浅色混凝土和白色墙壁形成鲜明对比。一个突出的作品是位于浴室中央的圆形石盆,配有两个水槽。

House S Keerbergen is a minimal residence located in Keerbergen, Belgium, designed by Hans Verstuyft Architecten. The architects were most considered with how the building would co-exist with the surrounding natural environment. The facade is covered with a blackened wooden layer that serves to both disguise the building as well as prevent rot and insects. The blackened wood is found throughout the flooring of the home, contrasting against light concrete and white walls. A standout piece is the circular stone basin at the center of the bathroom, outfitted with two sinks.

Design: Hans Verstuyft Architecten

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