House with Black Ceiling住宅,日本东京,Toru Kashihara Architects

带有黑色天花板的房屋是由Toru Kashihara Architects设计的位于日本东京的极简主义房屋。 内部特征是一系列裸露的钢结构元素,并辅以深色木地板和墙壁。 外观与深色金属立面具有相似的主题。 螺旋楼梯被弯曲的墙壁紧紧抱住,入口处附近可以看见弧形的外墙。

House with Black Ceiling is a minimal home located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Toru Kashihara Architects. The interior is characterized by a series of exposed steel structural elements that are complemented by dark wooden floors and walls. The exterior shares a similar theme with a darkened metal facade. A spiral staircase is hugged by a curved wall, with the curvature visible near the enrance.

Design:Toru Kashihara Architects
Photography:Takumi Ota