House with Courtyard住宅,美国纽约,MOS

House with Courtyard是纽约设计师MOS创建的简约住宅。铝制山墙房屋通过大玻璃框架提供广阔的视野,以捕捉周围的自然风光。中央庭院与相邻的长长的体积相交,为整个房屋的景观提供独特的视角。色彩鲜艳的家具与天然材料形成对比。

House with Courtyard is a minimalist residence created by New York-based designer MOS. The gabled aluminum home offers expansive views through the large glazed frames to capture the surrounding nature. A central courtyard intersects long adjacent volumes, providing unique perspectives of the landscape throughout the house. Colorful furniture contrasts against natural materials.

Photography: Michael Vahrenwald