Hubba是一家联合办公空间运营商,他们的雄心壮志,希望打造出不同于他们第一版空间的新版空间。他们与泰国最大的开发商之一Sansiri合作,在Sansiri位于他们创建的住宅区中心的全新商场Habito中策划他们的空间。Hubba提出的想法是在 “工作 “的生态系统中扩大 “制造 “的部分,以适应新的社区。他们将其称为 “工匠空间”,由陶艺和木头工作室、开放式厨房和摄影暗室等多个手工设施组成。还增加了不同讲座、工作坊和研讨会的放映室。这样做的目的是为了扩大他们本来就很广泛的网络,加强 “枢纽 “的概念,强化他们的 “联合办公 “理念。

With their ambition, Hubba, a co-working space operator, wants to create their new edition of their space differently than their first one. They collaborate with Sansiri, one of the biggest developers in Thailand, to curate their space in Habito, Sansiri’s brand new mall locating in the center of the residential territory they created. Hubba came up with the idea of enlarging the portion of “making” within the ecosystem of “working” to suit the new neighborhood. They call it “Artisan space”, which consists of several handmade facilities such as pottery and wood studio, open kitchen and photography dark room. Screening room for different lectures, workshops and seminars is also added. The intention is to expand their already wide networks, strengthen the concept of being a “hub” and reinforce their “co-working” philosophy.


The design of Hubbato space takes shape from the a funny idea of extending networking lines of Hubba’s original logo and multiply them to occupy/unify space on ground and second floor. We realized that the scheme could be made possible thinking that there are supposed to be quite a number of M&E lines to be installed in the project for functional reason already. Our main operation is to add more into the system and design the organization of these conduits. We color them turquoise to make them visually present (or even emphasize them) throughout the space. We, as designers, usually struggle with M&E elements in our project but, in case of this project, we decide to make it excessive to the degree that it has become an incorporated ornament in architectural space.

建筑师:Supermachine Studio
面积:989 m²
摄影:Wison Tungthunya
负责建筑师:Yupadee Suvisith
城市:Krung Thep Maha Nakhon
Architects: Supermachine Studio
Area: 989 m²
Year: 2016
Photographs: Wison Tungthunya
Client:Hubba in collaboration with Sansiri
Architect In Charge:Yupadee Suvisith
City:Krung Thep Maha Nakhon