Indigo Slam住宅,澳大利亚悉尼,Smart Design Studio

总部位于悉尼的Smart Design Studio公司为一位艺术收藏家建造了一座大胆的混凝土住宅,名为“Indigo Slam”,其特点是惊人的不寻常的雕塑立面,俯瞰澳大利亚悉尼的一个公园。

Sydney-based firm Smart Design Studio has finished the construction of a bold concrete residence built for an art collector, titled ‘Indigo Slam’: featuring a strikingly uncommon sculptural facade that overlooks a park in Sydney, Australia.
Located in Chippendale, a coveted suburb in central Sydney known for its expanding contemporary gallery scene, the residence’s most impressive feature is its sweeping, asymmetric exterior facade. The sculpted concrete surfaces protrude outwards at different angles, accommodating openings that filter natural light inside the home. “Serene living spaces and monumental halls create a dynamic interplay of spare interiors in which the main decorative element is light”, explain the architects. Inside the residence, the architects designed long, elaborate hallways, with curved ceilings and brick-paved floors, finished in a muted color palette. The four-storey building accommodates gallery spaces, living and dining areas, and bedrooms, representing “a rare opportunity to add a large residence of substantial quality and architectural merit to [a] diverse neighbourhood”, they conclude.

Design: Smart Design Studio
Project: Indigo Slam
Photography: David Roche • Sharrin Rees


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