Inlay椅,日本东京,Ryota Yokozeki

Inlay Chair是由东京设计师Ryota Yokozeki设计的极简主义椅子。 Inlay 椅子的设计源于渴望在木材中获得新颖且富有挑战性的形式,同时仍显示出对材料的尊重。类似于优雅的字母形式,椅子具有弯曲的胶合板靠背,可与实木扶手和框架无缝融合。可提供软垫或木质座面。

Inlay Chair is a minimalist chair created by Tokyo-based designer Ryota Yokozeki. The design for Inlay chair comes from a desire to achieve new and challenging forms in wood while still showing respect for the material. Similar to an elegant letter form, the chair has a curving plywood backrest that merges seamlessly with the solid wood arms and frame. It is available with an upholstered or wood seat.

Design:Ryota Yokozeki
Photography:Ryota Yokozeki