ISTORIA精品酒店,希腊圣托里尼, Interior Design Laboratorium


Comprised of 12 suites, Istoria is a new kind of hospitality for the island, where a clean contemporary aesthetic drives a next-generation social center for sophisticated travelers.


The rooms are complemented by a series of private terraces offering breathtaking views of the beach and secluded patios allowing guests to retreat for reflection, while accommodating private pools or jacuzzis.

伊斯托利亚的名字源于古希腊语中的历史,其设计由雅典的Interior Design Laboratorium设计。建筑师非常谨慎地确保建筑在功能性和优雅方面进行了翻新,同时确保了舒适性和隐私性。在建筑方面,设计坚持当地语言,厚厚的结构墙,拱形房间和拱形门廊。内饰设计还集成了现有建筑的几个元素,如木质天花板和石柱,他们在酒店的花园中发现并纳入套房的内饰。

Istoria takes its name from the ancient Greek word for history, and its design, by the Athens-based Interior Design Laboratorium. The architects took great care to ensure that the building was renovated in terms of functionality and elegance while ensuring comfort and privacy. Architecturally, the design adheres to the local vernacular, with thick structural walls, vaulted rooms and arched doorways. The interior design also incorporates several elements of the existing building, such as wooden ceilings and stone pillars, the latter found in the gardens of the property and incorporated into the interiors of the suites.

Design: Interior Design Laboratorium


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