Iwasawa之家,日本, Opensite architecture studio

这个住房项目是为四个成年人的家庭准备的。家庭需要四个私人房间和小型共享空间(客厅、厨房),因为他们的生活时间不同。但是,我认为不应该把每个包房都封闭起来。我想把私人房间的距离分等级。所以,我创造了这个住房,它就像 “最小的公寓”。

This housing project for family of four adults. Family need four private rooms and small shared space (living, ding and kitchen), because they are different time zone of life. However, I think do not want to plan such as closed each private rooms. I think put the gradations to the distance of the private rooms. So, I created this housing It’s like “minimum apartments”.

为此,它需要共享 “空间元素”,如Engawa和Loft。(Engawa是日本传统的开放式共享空间,就像阳台)。在私人房间的内部和外部都有不同高度的地板。而且,重要的是能够控制关系的外观/看到的视觉的渐变。因此,许多窗户被衬托成城市景观中的某处。

For that purpose, It needs to be shared “space elements” such as Engawa and Loft. (Engawa is traditional open shared space in japan, It’s like balcony). There are floor of different heights across the inside and outside of the private rooms. And, It’s Important to be able to control the relationship look/seen visual for the gradations. So, many windows lined as somewhere in the city landscape.

这所房子使用的主要木质材料是 “西川仔”。西川仔是指从江户(旧东京)西部的河流中运来的材料。这个地区以生产离江户最近的优质材料而闻名。汉诺城是由这个房子建成的,它是西川地区的中心。

Main wood materials that are used in this house, It is “Nishikawa-zai”. Nishikawa-zai means material that carried in the river from the west of the Edo (old Tokyo). This area is famous as a producer of good material nearest from Edo. Hanno city to be built of this house, there are center of Nishikawa area.

Architects: Opensite architecture studio
Area: 113 m²
Year: 2015
Photographs: Takeshi Yamagishi
Manufacturers: Kohler, Toto, Acor, Maxray
Construction Company: Yajima corporation
Structure Design:EQSD / Toshiki Endo

Architect In Charge:Yohsuke Namiki


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