Jardín de Sombras:作为沙漠中城市基础设施的公共空间 “项目位于南下加利福尼亚州洛斯卡沃斯北部的一个边缘地区,是农业、国土、城市和农业发展部与墨西哥国立自治大学建筑系共同实施的城市改进计划的一部分。它获得了公共空间类竞赛的第一名。Jardín de Sombras追求三个目标:(1)微气候:改善公共空间的可居住性,(2)社会环境。促进社会和环境的融合,(3)复原力。产生减轻对灾害的脆弱性的空间。

The project “Jardín de Sombras: Public Space as Infrastructure for Cities in the Desert” is located in a marginal area north of Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, and is part of the Urban Improvement Program of the Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial, Urban and Agricultural Development, together with the Faculty of Architecture of the UNAM. It received first place in the competition in the category of Public Space. Jardín de Sombras pursues three objectives: (1) Microclimatic: Improving the habitability of public space, (2) Socio-Environmental: Promoting social and environmental integration, (3) Resilience: Generating spaces that mitigate vulnerability to disasters.


It consists of a covered and open space with a free floor plan that houses sports fields, restrooms and a very low-cost, low-maintenance kitchenette. It includes a soccer field, a children’s area and a skatepark in the shadow of the building. In disaster conditions, it provides a space for social organization, storage, communications, refrigeration for medicines and a cistern for drinking and rainwater. In addition, there is a running track and native and xerophytic vegetation.


The roof is saw-shaped to fulfil multiple functions. Its orientation limits direct solar incidence and is suitable for the installation of solar panels on the exposed surface, admitting light from the north. The roof directs southerly winds from cyclones outside the roofed area, and admits winds from the north to improve microclimate comfort to cope with the heat island effect. The roof provides a multipurpose space that complements the disaster response system.

Architects: Gabriel Azuara Pellicer, Julián Arroyo, ORU-Oficina de Resiliencia Urbana, Virens
Area : 14917 m²
Year : 2019
Manufacturers : APC, Construlita, Ladesa, Novaceramic
Lead Architects : Elena Tudela Rivadeneyra, Julián Arroyo Cetto
Coordination : Elena Tudela Rivadeneyra, Julián Arroyo Cetto, Víctor Rico Espínola, Adriana Chávez Sánchez
Design Team : Gabriel Azuara Pellicer, Néstor Rangel Hernández, César Ávila García, Ricardo Pérez Alvirde, Brando Cervera Domínguez, Alejandra Trujillo Olguín, Constanza Ponce de León Figueroa, Kenia Lira Colín, Iván Alejandro Guzmán Estrada, Fernando Torres Pérez, Geovanni López Espino
Landscape Architecture : Pamela Tejeda Marín Quetzalli Hernández Durán, Sara Enif Sour Quiroz, Laura Elizabeth Espinosa Buendía, Mercedes Mata Boyer, María Guadalupe Morales Garza, Jorge Ernesto Cervantes Villanueva, Josué Jair Espinosa Buendía
Lighting Design : Xóchitl Urbina Meléndez
Structural Engineering : Susana Ezeta Genis, Alejandro Arvizu Álvarez, Merlina Domínguez Sandoval, Kriemhild Nayeli Vázquez Urbina
Installation Engineering : Jehú Aguilar Paniagua, José Carlos Ramírez Andrade, Ernesto Plascencia Soto
Cost Calculations : Jorge Martínez Roa
Skatepark Design : Bruno Jarhani Palomino Ramírez, Jorge de Jesús Núñez, Luis Antonio Aguilar Maldonado
Program : Centro deportivo y plaza pública
Country : Mexico