Jete美发沙龙,日本神户,Sides Core

Jete是位于日本神户的极简主义沙龙,由Sides Core设计。这家美发沙龙隐藏在住宅区的一条小街上,从外面看和从里面看一样不起眼。顾客一走进来,映入眼帘的是一面木制大镜子和一张舒适的躺椅,与我们习惯的理发店凳子不太一样。后角是一个最先进的配备黑色皮革的洗发休息室。

Jete is a minimalist house located in Kobe, Japan, designed by Sides Core. Tucked away in a small street among residential buildings, this hair salon is as inconspicuous from the outside as it is from the inside. Once a customer walks in, they are greeted with a large wooden-framed mirror and a comfortable lounge chair, inconsistent with the barber shop stools we are accustomed to. The back corner reveals a state-of-the-art hair washing lounge fitted with black leather.

Design: Sides Core
Photography: Masuda Yoshiro


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