Julius Café ,哈萨克斯坦, NAAW

Julius是一家位于阿拉木图市中心的小型专业咖啡店。该项目的客户是ABR集团,该集团在哈萨克斯坦以其项目中非常重视室内设计而闻名。朱利叶斯咖啡馆内部概念的出发点是一台红色的La Marzocco咖啡机,客户在项目开始前就已经购买了。我们认为建立一个咖啡馆的内部是象征着咖啡机的。因此出现了红色的门,这让我们想起了巴黎的标志性酒吧Little Red Door和其他所有的红色小装饰,包括标志和标识。

Julius is a small specialty coffee shop in the center of Almaty. The client for the project is ABR Group, which is well known in Kazakhstan for paying great attention to interior design in their projects. The starting point for the Julius Cafe interior concept was a red La Marzocco coffee machine, which the client had purchased long before the project began. We thought building a coffee shop interior was symbolic of the coffee machine. Thus appeared the red door, which reminded us of the iconic Parisian bar Little Red Door and all the other small red accents, including the logo and the identity.

把这个小空间变成一个小的 “咖啡圣地 “的愿望,导致我们采用了像密室一样的、咖啡和牛奶颜色的木板、天花板拱顶和砖地板,它从外面的台阶开始,过渡到一个酒吧柜台。我们在该项目中使用了德国Feldhaus熟料砖。这种材料足够结实和耐磨,可以作为地板覆盖物,但同时也可以作为工作台面,触感舒适。

The desire to turn this small space into a little “coffee sanctuary” led us to the chamber-like, coffee-and-milk colored wood paneling, ceiling vaults, and brick floor which starts outside from steps and transitions to a bar counter. We used German Feldhaus clinker bricks in the project. The material is strong and hard-wearing enough for a floor covering, but at the same time cozy and pleasant to the touch to serve as a worktop.


The significant challenge in the project was the small size of the space. To accommodate the desired number of guests, we used deep windowsills as part of the seating and placed a small wall-hung side table along the bench with sculpture-like iconic e-15 stools. The two large tables by the windows are designed to provide space for larger companies. Finally, half-bar & traditional stools allow guests to sit at a wide bar counter. Despite the room’s modest size, it was important for us to pay sufficient attention to the bar, where the main coffee-making action will take place. The contact bar gives visitors the opportunity to watch the process of brewing coffee as a performance.

当地艺术家Nurbol Nurakhmet在墙上的木炭素描为气氛增添了一种特殊的微妙性。项目中使用了丹麦品牌Gubi的椅子,桌子和木板是由当地工匠根据我们的设计制作的。
Local artist Nurbol Nurakhmet’s charcoal sketch on the wall adds a special subtlety to the atmosphere. Danish brand Gubi chairs are used in the project, and tables and wood panels are made according to our design by local craftsmen.

Architects: NAAW
Area : 42 m²
Year : 2022
Photographs :Damir Otegen
Manufacturers : Feldhaus Klinker
Concept, Design, Site Supervision : Elvira Bakubayeva
Design, Visulalisation : Viktoriya Akram
Design, Site Supervision : Aisulu Uali
City : Almaty
Country : Kazakhstan