“KIITO”最初于1927年在神户出口生丝检验中心成立,其设计基于此。在空中随意设置的“茧”的风景反映了日本花园或枯山水的形象。“KIITO” 地板和墙壁具有强烈的狂野感,因此细腻的细线茧框架产生浮动的感觉,清晰度,更生动地专注于展品。由于设计中性,因此在商店,合理的产品,前卫的产品,以及经验丰富的设计师的一种作品,各种产品自然排列。此外,在画廊中,从年轻的设计师到经验丰富的设计师,展出了各种各样的艺术作品,相互之间形成了鲜明的对比。

“KIITO” was originally founded for inspection center of export raw silk in Kobe in 1927, and the design was based on it. The scenery of “cocoons” which were set in the air randomly on purpose reflects the image of Japanese garden, or dry landscape. ”KIITO” has its strong wild sense atmosphere of floor and wall, so the delicate thin lines of cocoon frames produces a sense of floating on air, and clarity, the more vividly focusing on the work. As the design is neutral, therefore in the shop, reasonable products, avant-garde ones, and one of a kind works by well-experienced designers, various kinds of products are beautifully naturally lined up. Also in the gallery, from young designers to experienced ones, a wide range of art works are exhibited, contrasting its greatness each other.
Simultaneously, lightning that the design concept is also cocoon, illuminates the place with soft light.
Cocoon is a symbol of nurturing life. As threads spun from cocoon turns into raw silk, and silk goods, this facility will keep sending Japanese design beauty through Kobe harbor to Japan, even to the world.

Floor space: 606.43㎡
Construction type: renovation
Construction period: January 2016 ~ March 2016
Design/Contractor: arbol (Yousaku Tsutsumi) + TODO(Takeshi Fujita)
Structural design: senior registered architect office Steradian (Junzo Harada)
Lightning plan/production: NEW LIGHT POTTERY (Hiroyuki Nagatomi)
Appliance production: LOOP various metal art (Masanobu Hanazato)
Display goods in completion photo: Archipelago (Nobuyuki Kosuge)
Photography: Yasunori Shimomura
Client: Kobe city JAPAN
Management: private company
Produce: KIPcorporation(Hiroko Nishida)