KitzbuhelHouse酒店,奥地利基茨比厄尔,John Pawson

KitzbühelHouse酒店是一家位于奥地利基茨比厄尔的小型酒店,由John Pawson设计。设计的目标是以一致的现代习语创造一个现代化的家庭住宅,同时借鉴可识别的历史先例。将计划分解为一组较小的建筑物的想法尽早开发,作为一种允许所需质量尽可能适当地放置在现场的方法。因此,该建筑采用设置在底座上的三个类似于谷仓的结构的形式,体积相对于彼此移动,以加强组合物的碎裂。与三座山脉相呼应,三座尖顶屋顶轮廓产生了一种独特的轮廓,精致而现代,但明显也与附近的乡土结构相关。

Kitzbühel House is a minimal residence located in Kitzbühel, Austria, designed by John Pawson. The design is driven by the goal of creating a contemporary family home in a consistent modern idiom that also draws on recognizable historical precedents. The idea of breaking the program into a cluster of smaller buildings developed early, as a way of allowing the required mass to sit as modestly as possible on the site. The architecture thus takes the form of a trio of barn–like structures set on a plinth, the volumes shifted relative to one another, to reinforce the fragmentation of the composition. Echoing the three mountains that form their backdrop, the three peaked roof profiles produce a distinctive silhouette that is refined and modern, but also clearly related to nearby vernacular structures.

Design: John Pawson
Photography: Oliver Jaist