KOSMOS未来主义别墅,韩国郁陵岛,The System Lab

KOSMOS别墅位于朝鲜半岛以东120公里的火山岛上。拥有密集的山峰,洞穴和瀑布,周围环绕着多岩石的海岸线 – 这个环境类似于僻静的侏罗纪公园 – 坐落在东海的一个大型水下层状火山顶上,韩国的郁陵岛(Ulleungdo)拥有壮观的地形和独特的当地生态,为散步,远足和乘船游览提供了一个风景如画的环境。观察天体现象。但更重要的是,郁陵岛也因强大的“气”能场而闻名,它的复兴力量将在整个岛上流传。在这方面,KOSMOS别墅无法理想地位于Songgot-bong或“Ice Pick Peak”附近,一个看起来令人印象深刻的岩层。如果这还不够,这个度假村建在悬崖边缘,距离大海30米远,可以欣赏到大象岩的壮丽景色,大象岩是海中间的一块大象形状的岩层。他的树干浸在水里。

Villa KOSMOS is located on a volcanic island 120 kilometers east of the Korean peninsula. Featuring a dense landscape of peaks, caves and waterfalls surrounded by rocky shorelines – a setting that resembles the secluded island of Jurassic Park – Sitting atop a large underwater stratovolcano in the East Sea , the South Korean island of Ulleungdo enjoys a spectacular topography and unique local ecology that provides a picturesque setting for walks, hikes and boat rides. observe the celestial phenomena. But more than that, Ulleungdo is also known for the powerful “chi” energy fields whose power of rejuvenation would circulate across the island. In this respect, villa KOSMOS could not be ideally located on the side of Songgot-bong, or “Ice Pick Peak”, a rock formation that seems as impressive as it may seem. And if that were not enough, the resort is built on the edge of a cliff that plunges drastically thirty meters from the sea, with superb views of Elephant Rock, a rock formation in the middle of the sea in the shape of an elephant with his trunk dipped in water.

Villa Kosmos的旋转形状类似于薄褶皱的外壳,是两座发展建筑中最壮观的。仅作为一个整体出租,它包含四个高天花板的房间和宽敞的公共区域,其极简主义的室内设计灵感来自五行的道教概念, 木材,土,水,火和金属 – 它代表了所有自然现象中可以感知的五种动态品质或能量。因此,每个空间都由一个元素支配,并由相应的行星识别:木星,土星,水星,火星和金星。

With its swirling shape resembling a shell of thin folds, Villa Kosmos is the most spectacular of the two buildings of development. Available for rent only as a whole, it contains four high-ceilinged rooms and spacious common areas whose minimalist interior design was inspired by the Taoist concept of the five elements, or Wu Xin – wood, earth, water, fire and metal – which represent the five dynamic qualities or energies that can be perceived in all natural phenomena. Each space is thus dominated by an element and identified by the corresponding planet: Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Mars and Venus.

Design: The System Lab
Photography: Kim Yong Kwan


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