La Escocesa是一个灵活的客房,它是为了支持位于阿根廷布宜诺斯艾利斯省 “潘帕斯 “平坦平原上的一个家庭住宅而建造的。

La Escocesa is a flexible guest house, which is built to support a family home located in the flat plains of the ‘Pampas’ in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


This house aims to work for several different situations, so an integrated but misconfigured house is designed in 4 modules that make it up: a large kitchen/dining room; a two-bedroom module; a split-bathroom module; and a large multi-purpose space in the attic. In this way, each module is enabled separately according to use. The shaping of the house was sought to accompany the built pre-existences in the farm and that allows for growth in the future, if necessary. For this reason, a strip shape was chosen for the house with an outdoor corridor, so that it can be expanded towards the northeast façade in a flexible, disarticulated manner if more bedrooms are required, without interrupting the long views that the main house currently has.


Low or no maintenance was the main focus to choose finishing materials for the building envelope. The folded sheet is chosen for the exterior facades and interiors of bathrooms, and plywood was chosen for the interiors.

尽管位于一个非常炎热的地区,但La Escocesa没有与电网连接,全年只需要很少的空调。这是因为环境设计策略的实施。以下是一些例子:所有的房间都有自然的交叉通风和持续的防晒,在南边和西边的方向上尽量减少玻璃表面。同样地,所有房间都有自然采光。在浴室和走廊设计了天窗,以实现最低限度的人工照明消耗。 此外,房屋采用了绵羊毛斗篷的隔热材料,根据朝向调整其厚度。

Despite being in a very hot area, La Escocesa is not connected to the grid and requires very little air conditioning throughout the year. This is because environmental design strategies were implemented. Some examples are the following: all rooms have natural cross ventilation and constant sun protection, and glass surfaces are minimized in the south and west orientations. Likewise, all rooms have natural lighting. Skylights were designed in the bathrooms and corridors to achieve a minimum consumption of artificial light. In addition, the house is insulated by sheep’s wool cloaks, adjusting its thickness according to the orientation.


The central patio is the nucleus of the union of all the parts of the house, serving as an outdoor distribution hall and a space for meeting and contemplation of the surrounding and eternal landscape.

Architects: DUB Arquitectura
Area : 1615 ft²
Year : 2022
Photographs :Fernando Schapochnik
Manufacturers : Abriga, MSH
Lead Architects : Angie Dub, Belén Butler
Construction Management : Arq. Belén Butler
Steel Framing Engineering : Ing. Alejandra Fogel
Steel Framing Consulting : Arq. Alejandra Núñez Berté
Illumination Design : Arturo Peruzzotti
Construction : Marcelo Yolis y Asociados
Carpentry : Patricio Campos
Furniture : Soledad Chavarría
Program : Guest house
City : Veinticinco de Mayo
Country : Argentina