Lake House度假屋,巴西南阿沃拉达,Solo Arquitetos

在巴西的南阿沃拉达(Alvorada do Sul),Solo Arquitetos在帕拉纳帕内玛河(Paranapanema River)旁边,创造了一个引人入胜的自然度假屋。这所房子是一栋带游泳池的独立别墅,由两个不同的区域组成:一个区域专用于共享空间,另一个区域用于更私密的区域。为了创建房屋的外围结构,委托这项工作的50岁夫妇选择使用曾经构成了公司(工厂)墙壁的砖块:这是他们数十年工作的象征,现在将创建一个他们放松的地方。

In Alvorada do Sul, Brazil, Solo Arquitetos has created a spectacular holiday home ensconced in nature, right beside the Paranapanema River. The house, an independent villa with a swimming pool, consists of two distinct blocks: one devoted to shared spaces and another for the more private areas. To create the perimeter structure of the house, the fifty-year-old couple who commissioned the work chose to use the bricks that once made up the walls of their company, a factory: a symbol of their decades of work that will now create a place for them to relax.

Location: Alvorada do Sul, Brazil
Site size: 3000 m2
Project size: 250 m2
Design: Solo Arquitetos
Project Team: Arthur Brizola, Franco Faust, Gabriel Schneider, João Gabriel Küster Cordeiro, Lucas Aguillera, Thiago Augustus, Victor Vilela
Completion date: 2018
Photographer: Eduardo Macarios