LAND是一个位于日本大阪的小型沙龙空间,由SIDES CORE设计。客户有一个长,窄,木框架的一层楼,类似于一个老式的日本长谷行房。为了利用固有的特点,建筑师们创造了一条视线很长的通道。随着客户进一步进入该领域,分层有助于定义每个领域。入口处的诺伦窗帘破坏了视线——外面的人看不透后面的空间。顾客们躲在窗帘下,从心理上感觉被拉下了通道,进一步进入了空间,来到了koshi格子板的另一边。通过挡住视线,外立面吸引了外面的人们去想象这个空间里有什么。

LAND is a minimal salon space located in Osaka, Japan, designed by SIDES CORE. The clients had a long, narrow, wood frame one-story building, similar to an old-style Japanese Nagaya row house. To capitalize on the inherent characteristics, the architects created a passageway with a long line of sight. As customers move further into the space, tiers help define each area. A noren curtain at the entrance disrupts the line of sight – people outside cannot see through to the back of the space. Clients duck under the curtain and enter, feeling psychologically drawn down the passageway, further into the space, to the other side of the koshi lattice panels. By blocking the line of sight, the façade entices people outside to imagine what the space holds.

Photography: Takumi Ota


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