Lapa 之家,葡萄牙, Ricardo Bak Gordon


The building, remodeled several times, is an emblematic example of the changes that continue to affect Lapa, one of the most charming quarters of Lisbon with its small-scale urban fabric, its privileged position and views of the river and the old town. The traditional building lots are often laid out in the same way, with a narrow building three or four stories high and a small courtyard at the rear with same footprint as the building.


At the end of the garden or inner courtyard, the logradouro, there were often small service buildings on the boundary walls. In this case the project plans the two apartments set on the upper floors of the building so that they share the spaces on the ground floor consisting of a garage, services, and above all the garden and swimming pool, located where there used to be a deposit.


The lower apartment occupies the whole first floor and the part towards the street of the second floor, while the upper one occupies a part of the second floor towards the garden, all of the third floor and the attic. Several generations of the same family will live in the house and this means the shared facilities include the elevator and the stairs, set transversely to the layout of the lot.

Architects: Ricardo Bak Gordon
Area : 500 m²
Year : 2016
Photographs :Francisco Nogueira
Manufacturers : Sosoares, Tadelakt, Weber
Collaborators : Gonçalo Frias, Luís Pedro Pinto
Construção : Almeida Reis
Foundations, Structural Engineering : Betar
Electrics, Communications, Security, Mechanics, Thermal And Acoustics : proM&E
Hydraulics : Campo d’Àgua
Construction : Almeida Reis
City : Lisbon
Country : Portugal