Learning Tree 托儿所,英国, Delve

新兴建筑师Delve为领先的儿童护理和教育公司Storal Learning完成了位于Romford的新幼儿园The Learning Tree。该幼儿园是对伦敦东部的一个旧仓库的改造,建立在Delve在早期学习教育和可持续建筑方面的经验基础上,采用天然的木材、胶合板和橡胶等材料,设计开放、有趣、耐用。

Emerging architects Delve complete new nursery The Learning Tree in Romford, for leading childcare and education company, Storal Learning. A retrofit of a former warehouse in East London, the nursery builds on Delve’s experience with early learning education and sustainable architecture with an open, fun and durable design using natural materials of timber, ply and rubber.


The significant transformation of the commercial building into a contemporary nursery was achieved in just six months for £90/sft +VAT. The interior fit-out reflects various education approaches in particular the Curiosity Approach – a modern child-led learning methodology – that the nursery will use alongside other teaching methods for Early Years children. Accordingly, Delve’s designs allow for exploration, freedom of movement and multiple uses of each space.


Glazed partitions provide natural light across the nursery, and at the heart of the plan is a communal dining space, designed as a multi-functional social area with access from all rooms. Other facilities include kitchen, bathrooms, waiting area, office and an outdoor timber covered play area. Curved forms were used throughout the Learning Tree to differentiate it from typical nurseries with round arches, playful portholes and curved partition walls.

Natural materials were installed including timber-framed, pine-faced plywood walls, recycled rubber flooring and low VOC finishes throughout. The choices were purposefully made to deliver a more sustainable project while at the same time introducing young children to a variety of materials and surfaces not usually seen in education spaces.

Delve与Storal Learning的合作将继续进行,位于牛津郡班伯里的另一个幼儿园将在本月开始施工,并在9月开业。

Delve’s work with Storal Learning will continue with another nursery in Banbury, Oxfordshire starting on site this month, for an opening in September

Architects: Delve
Area : 560 m²
Year : 2022
Photographs :Fred Howard
Manufacturers : James Latham, Artigo, DSK Joinery
Lead Architects : Delve
City : London
Country : United Kingdom