Learnlife 学习中心,巴塞罗那,Solange Espoille de Learnlife


Project. Learnlife Eco Hub is a sustainability and innovation center situated in Castelldefels, a short distance outside the city of Barcelona. A learning center for all ages and community members, located in a stunning plot of land just yards from the sea and surrounded by a pine forest.


Affordable and sustainable. Eco Hub is a nearly zero energy building (NZEB), flexible, with a non-permanent structure. A building with very high-energy performance, in which the small amount of energy required is generated largely from on-site renewable sources. The building has achieved the Passivhaus Classic certification, which offers energy savings of up to 90% compared to conventional buildings and digitizing processes that enable the simplification of the entire process of construction. The purpose is to contribute to a better environment, creating not only an innovative learning space close to nature but also a sustainable construction that reduces C02 emissions on our planet.


Resilient and sustainable.The premise was to create a sustainable construction with materials of natural origin, whose production process generates less waste, requires low-energy consumption, and respects nature.


Connect nature, people, and places. The project promotes a new collaborative design process, to better understand environmental issues and their impact on our planet. The purpose is to connect an innovative and creative learning environment with the local community and be a reference in sustainability for the global community.

Architects: Solange Espoille de Learnlife
Area : 1938 ft²
Year : 2022
Photographs :Jordi Vila i Marta
Manufacturers : Interface, 4 Elements Renovables, Elke Design, Muzo Furniture , Nolte Küchen, Roca, Zehnder Group Ibérica
Lead Architect : Solange Espoille
Collaborating Architect : Ramiro Chiaradia 
License And Permissions : MG ingenieros 
Passive House Consultant : Oliver Style, Praxis Resilient Buildings
Passivhaus Certifier : Francesco Nesi, Zephir
Promoter : Learnlife
Builder : TallFusta