Ledge House住宅,美国康沃尔,Desai Chai Architecture

Ledge House是位于康沃尔,康涅狄格的一个极小的住宅,由Desai Chai建筑事务所设计。岩架屋的客户要求建筑师设计一个与康涅狄格山谷的历史产生共鸣的新住宅,包括环保的材料调色板,并在一个巨大的岩架上处理具有挑战性的场地。

Ledge House is a minimal residence located in Cornwall, Connecticut, designed by Desai Chai Architecture. The Ledge House clients asked the architects to design a new home that would resonate with the history of the Connecticut Valley, include a material palette that is environmentally friendly, and work with the challenging site on a large rock ledge.
The designers removed an existing cabin that had been expanded in unsuccessful ways over time by a previous owner; they were able to reuse the cabin’s foundation and add to it to simplify the footprint of the building while amplifying the program. The form of the house was inspired by indigenous barns of the area as well as the nearby, historic West Cornwall Covered Bridge.

客厅、餐厅和厨房构成了贯穿住宅的一条大型通风通道的核心;通风通道的战略位置利用了山谷的景观、上坡的交叉通风的微风和现有的巨石,使其成为住宅和景观的坚固伴侣。房子的外部覆盖了Shou Sugi Ban壁板,提供了抗腐蚀和防虫的表面处理,也连接了建筑的标志性形式。

The living room, dining room and kitchen form the nucleus of a large breezeway through the house; the breezeway was strategically positioned to take advantage of the views to the valley, the uphill cross-ventilating breezes, and an existing boulder that becomes a rugged companion to the house and the views of the landscape. The exterior of the house is clad in Shou Sugi Ban siding which offers a rot-resistant and bug-resistant finish that also articulates the iconic form of the building.
The interior finishes are light and airy. A master bedroom suite is located on one end of the house; two guest bedrooms are on the other end. The nucleus living area between them allows the owners and their guests to merge & socialize together in a lofted, open area that connects across the ledge to a forest terrace and a valley terrace: indoor and outdoor living flow seamlessly through.

Design:Desai Chai Architecture
Photograph:Paul Warchol