Les Éditions Passe-Temps 办公室 ,加拿大, Quinzhee Architecture

Les Éditions Passe-Temps是一家从事儿童教育材料出版的家族企业,于2018年收购了位于Carrefour-du-Commerce工业区的一栋建筑,以装修他们的新办公室和生产车间。

Les Éditions Passe-Temps, a family business working in the publishing of educational material for children, acquired in 2018 a building in the Carrefour-du-Commerce industrial area to fit out their new offices and their production workshop.


The main challenge of this renovation project was to transform an industrial building into a welcoming and fun working space. In this sense, most of the effort has been put into providing natural light.


The addition of generous curtain wall sections greatly improve the workspaces and offer, from the new mezzanine, a view of the treetops bordering the plot. The new marquise make a smooth transition between the renovated section and the existing one in addition to adding to the facade an angled line which breaks the rigidity of the industrial building.


The use of a metallic cladding of the same color as the one already existing harmonize the new volume with the rest of the building. However, its smoother profile emphasizes, with the subtle play of textures, the marriage between the old and the new.


The wood-like cladding brings warmth to the facades and, inside, the juxtaposition of pine elements with the existing concrete floor and the white steel structure makes the spaces inviting.


The comfort of the occupants is also improved due to the creation of flexible workspaces, like thematic meeting rooms or even the coffee space with central fireplace. Finally, like their products, custom furniture adds a playful touch to the spaces.

Architects: Quinzhee Architecture
Area: 2500 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Dave Tremblay / 1Px
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Alumicor, Nordic Structures, DonBar, Mac, Trimble, Vicwest, Vitrerie Lévis
Structural Engineer: Groupe Genius
Design Team:Guillaume Fafard, Marie-Jeanne Allaire-Côté, Pierre-Olivier Bureau-Alarie
Clients:Les Éditions Passe-Temps
Electro Mechanical Engineer:GBi Services d’ingénierie
Collaborators:Étienne Dumas Artiste 3D, Simard Cuisine et Salle de bains, Béton Optima, LED électrique


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