LFF 之家,巴西,Aguirre Arquitetura

位于Patos de Minas – MG的一个住宅区,LFF住宅试图通过其容积率为住宅引入安全性,而不需要正面封闭。有两个定义明确的区块,向地形的内部开放,并保护其不受外部环境的影响。

Located in a residential neighborhood in Patos de Minas – MG, the LFF House sought through its volumetry to introduce security to the residence without the need for frontal closing. There are two well defined blocks that open to the interior of the terrain and protect it from the exterior environment.

规划的 “L “形试图最大限度地利用土地,满足家庭的需求,并允许亲密和社交区域向一个宽阔的花园开放。

The “L” shape of the plan sought to take advantage of the land to the maximum, meeting the family’s needs and allowing the intimate and social areas to open up to a generous garden.


The social area is the central focus of the house because the clients were seeking environments to receive friends and family. Thus, we were able to recess the window frames as much as possible, which allowed total integration of the living room with the outdoor area, making the space more spacious and fluid.


The use of natural materials together with the landscaping sought not only to enhance the volume, but also to create a feeling of warmth and protection.

Architects: Aguirre Arquitetura
Area : 585 m²
Year : 2022
Photographs :Israel Gollino
Manufacturers : Indusparquet, Deca, Fatte Casa, Marcenaria Lagares, Marmoraria Multipedras, Modual Esquadrias e Vidros, Móveis Criativa, iluminar
Project Year : Alexandre Aguirre, Rodrigo Barbosa, Michell Damascena
Interior Decoration : Alexandre Aguirre, Aline Henriques, Rodrigo Barbosa
Landscape Design : Alexandre Lico
City : Patos de Minas
Country : Brazil