“Lidhja e Prizrenit “幼儿园位于地拉那河附近的Kamëz市Paskuqan。在2019年11月的地震之后,现有的结构已经无法修复,因此需要一座新的建筑来容纳该地区越来越多的儿童。新的幼儿园为250名2至6岁的儿童服务。该项目的主要目标定位于创造现代学习空间,易于适应不同的活动,并符合将使用它们的特定年龄组。

“Lidhja e Prizrenit” kindergarten is located in Paskuqan, Kamëz, near Tirana River. After the earthquake of November 2019, the existing structure was beyond repair, so a new building was required to accommodate a growing number of children in the area. The new kindergarten serves 250 children between the ages of 2 and 6. The primary goal for this project was set on creating contemporary learning spaces that are easily adapted to different activities and in accordance with the specific age group that will use them.


Distinctive features of the project are the inner courtyard and the facade. Due to the fact that physical activity plays a crucial part in the healthy development of the children, the indoor courtyard was designed to create opportunities for the use of open spaces throughout the whole year, especially on cold and rainy days.


This was achieved by designing a glass-covered atrium above the inner courtyard. Moreover, it allows natural light to enter the center of the building and offers flexibility in the functions of the space mainly for learning and performances.


The facade consists of perforated metallic panels. The panels enable the required privacy, provide a soft light penetration, and visually differentiate the kindergarten from the surrounding buildings, providing a landmark for the area. The terrace of the building offers an open space that is easily controlled for games and activities. The outer courtyard provides ample space and greenery for the children to play and learn.

Architects: Studioarch4
Area : 2337 m²
Year : 2021
Photographs :Besart Cani
Manufacturers : AutoDesk, Enscape, Alumil, EMSH Shpk, Weiss Profil
Lead Architects : Lorin Çekrezi, Gjergji Dushniku, Rezart Struga, Klaudjo Cari
Construction Company : AGRI Construction
City : Paskuqan
Country : Albania