Lightslice ,巴塞罗那,Cometa Architects

在巴塞罗那,一个46平方米(151英尺)的小公寓蜕变成一个明亮的现代空间体验,提醒我们,自然光是所有建筑材料的最高境界。光片是一个瘦小的三角形公寓,位于巴塞罗那历史悠久的Eixample。建筑师剥离了它的黑暗布局,并将其从破旧的状态中 “拯救 “出来,将其改造成一个豪华的明亮空间。为了充分利用46平方米的紧凑空间和可用的光线,科梅塔建筑事务所拆除了所有的内墙,创造了一个开放式的公寓。一层层的地砖被拆除,在假天花板下发现的原始横梁终于得到了恢复。

In Barcelona, a metamorphosis of a small apartment of 46 m² (151 ft) into a bright contemporary spatial experience, reminds us that the natural light is the supreme of all architectural materials. The Lightslice is a skinny triangle shaped apartment, located in the Historic Eixample of Barcelona. The architects stripped down its dark layout and ‘rescued’ it from the run-down state, transforming it into a luxurious bright space. To make the most of the compact 46sqm space and the available light, Cometa Architects removed all of the internal walls to create an open-plan apartment. Layers of floor tiling were removed and the original beams which were discovered under a false ceiling finally got to be restored.

处理新的空间组织的设计方法是使用一条纵向轴线,在这条轴线上,各种物体,如厨房岛、床、洗脸盆,都被垂直放置,释放了墙壁,导致了更现代的空间体验。第二条纬度轴穿过;是建筑师定义为 “光盒”。这是一个滤光屏,一个定制的格子结构,其体积包含了湿润区的结构,允许从大阳台窗户的光线到达湿润室和卧室。同时,实现了将睡眠区和起居区优雅地分开。在夜间,灯箱放大了发光的可调光,创造了一个非常放松的氛围。

The design method to tackle the new spatial organization is the use of a longitudinal axis, on which the various objects such as the kitchen island, the bed, the washing basin, have being perpendicularly placed, freeing the walls and leading to a more contemporary experience of space. A second, latitudinal axis is cutting across; is what the architects define as the `Light Box´. This is a light-filtering screen, a custom-made lattice structure whose volume embraces the wet zone structure allows light from the large balcony windows to reach the wet room and bedroom. At the same time, achieves to elegantly separate the sleeping area from the living area. At night time, the Light Box amplifies the glowing dimmable light, creating a very relaxing ambience.

由于原来的地板损坏严重,无法保存,建筑师委托进行定制设计来取代它。手工制作的液压砖被拼成一个新的原始图案,创造了一个贯穿空间的现代 “瓷砖地毯”。镜子被放置在房子的关键点,如厨房岛和灯箱中,帮助空间增长和光线倍增。所有的装置都是表面的,专门为公寓设计的,在天花板上做了标记并装饰了墙壁。最后,所有的照明设备和座位区的椅子都是由科梅塔建筑事务所设计和制作的。

As the original floor was too damaged to save, the architects commissioned a custom design to replace it. The hand-made hydraulic tiles are put together in a new original pattern that creates a contemporary `tile carpet´ that runs through space. Mirrors have placed in key points of the house such as in the kitchen island and in the Light Box, aiding the space to grow and the light to multiply. All installations are superficial, specifically designed for the apartment, marking the ceiling and decorating the walls. Finally, all lighting fixtures and the seating area chair are designed and made by Cometa Architects.

Architects: Cometa Architects
Area : 46 m²
Year : 2016
Photographs :Vicente Ortega
Manufacturers : DuPont, Arredo3, Fontini
Lead Architects : Faidra Matziaraki & Victor Gonzalez