Litvínovice家庭住宅,捷克波西米亚南部,Atelier 111

Litvínovice村位于波希米亚南部ČeskéBudějovice市以南约5公里处。典型的城市扩张取代了原有的街道结构 – 发达地区建立在周围未开发的草地和田地上。因此,这个地方的背景是通过新兴郊区的家庭住宅解决大规模住房需求。

The village of Litvínovice is located about 5 km south of the city České Budějovice in southern Bohemia. Typical urban sprawl substitutes the original street structure – the developed areas are established on the surrounding undeveloped meadows and fields. Thus, the context of the place is a typical imprint of the current mass approach to solving the housing needs through family houses in newly emerging suburban districts.


The floor plan of the house can be described as a letter T inscribed into an irregular quadrangle with one rounded corner, which is a shape given by the site. In the northern part of the house there is an entrance hall with cloakroom, garage and utility room. To enter the residential part of the house, it is necessary to descend few steps.


The main living area has an inclined ceiling with the height of more than 4 meters at the top. Kitchen, dining room and living room are separated only by furniture items. Huge frameless window, that leads through the covered terrace to the garden, enhances the feeling of the open space without barriers. Two separate bedrooms are accessible through the central cloakroom as well as bathroom, bedroom and workroom. Rooms located in the northern part of the house have large french windows, that connect them with a small atrium, which is separated from the street only by 2,5 meters height fence wall. This atrium offers completely private space well suitable for installation of hammock, outdoor bath or shower.


Reflection of sunlight on the fence wall makes the space pleasant from the beginning of the day. While the interior uses natural materials, colours and craft furniture, the exterior is rather sober. This form of minimalism is an answer to the oversaturated surrounding environmen

Design studio: Atelier 111
Family house in Litvínovice
where Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic
when april 2014
how proposal, project
design by Jiří Weinzettl
project Michal Hamada
photo BoysPlayNice