Lookout 住宅,美国加里尼福尼亚,Faulkner Architects

Lookout House位于加利福尼亚州塔霍湖以北的一个伐木小镇变成了一个宁静的山间休养地,由于地势陡峭,Lookout House可以欣赏到周围自然景观的全景,最大的好处是你可以直接滑雪进去。总部位于加州的Faulkner Architects了解了该地的形态和地质历史,设计了一个与周围崎岖自然美景对话的当代家庭住宅。结合了加州现代主义和阿尔卑斯山的当地语言,这所房子是一个四季度假胜地,通过其深思熟虑的设计和对可持续性的关注,向其辉煌的山腰位置致敬。

Located outside Truckee, a logging town turned peaceful mountain retreat just north of Lake Tahoe in California, Lookout House enjoys, as its name suggests, panoramic views of the surrounding natural landscape thanks to the steeply sloped terrain, with the greatest perk being that you can ski right into it. California-based practice Faulkner Architects were informed by the site’s morphology and geologic history, to design a contemporary family house in dialogue with the rugged natural beauty of its surroundings. Combining California modernism with the alpine vernacular, the house is a four-season retreat that pays homage to its glorious mountainside location both through its thoughtful design and focus on sustainability.
Discretely perched on the steep hillside among volcanic basalt boulders and tall Jeffrey Pine and White Fir trees whose trunks have been stripped bare from years of deep snow fall, the 650 square-metre family house unfolds as a cubist composition of low-slung volumes that evokes “the feeling of a smaller ski cabin”, as architect Greg Faulkner says. Comprising three independent zones – common areas, the family’s private quarters and a guest area – the house is organized across a central axis that mirrors the ski run on the east side of the property also allowing the family to ski directly into the living room via a narrow slot cutting through the building.

Design:Faulkner Architects
Photography:Joe Fletcher Photography