Clínica LR是一座为瓜达拉哈拉大都会区西部的社区提供医疗和手术的建筑。它是在一个非常有限的场地上开发的,围绕着已有的建筑。它唯一的外墙面向萨波潘的一条繁忙的大道,每天早上都要接受来自东方的阳光照射。这种情况,再加上该建筑的主要运营时间是在早上,导致我们产生了一个盲目的外墙,以促进建筑内部的舒适性,通过两个垂直穿过建筑的天井提供通风。从内部到外部只留下一个眨眼的时间,接待处是一个玻璃盒子,被上层产生的悬垂物遮挡。

Clínica LR is a building to provide medical care and surgery to the community in the western part of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area. It is developed on a very limited site around pre-existing buildings. Its only façade, which faces a busy avenue in Zapopan, receives the rays of the sun every morning, coming from the east. This situation, coupled with the fact that the main hours of operation of the building are during the morning, led us to generate a blind facade to promote the interior comfort of the building, providing ventilation through two patios that cross vertically through the building. Leaving only a wink from the interior to the exterior the reception is a glazed box shaded by the overhang generated by the upper levels.


We had a complex program and an extensive set of regulations to apply on a limited site where a medium-sized house once stood. We made an exercise of deep analysis and a major abstraction. With a clear objective: to do more with less. The functional and structural solution is based on a series of open floors that are generated by a concrete perimeter box, which contains the neighboring floor in the basement and carries the prestressed slabs of each level. The pure and strong materiality of concrete thus remains apparent on the outside of the building. On the interior, the spaces are delimited by walls free of the structure. We generated a hallway that crosses the floor plan on its long side and that illuminates, ventilates, and connects the spaces. The essence of the building is pure in its exterior and interior, giving it a character and vocation totally in line with the theme of health.


The lighting project has played a fundamental role since the conceptualization of the project and came to finish creating that atmosphere in a perfect balance between comfort and medical care (an experience that we pursued from the very first feed). The building, in addition, was conceived as a versatile structure that in the (distant) future can accommodate a variety of different uses and activities, a re-use structure. In a romantic pursuit to give second and third lives to our buildings that will remain here even as the landscape (and society) continues to transform.

Architects: Pérez Gómez Arquitectura
Area : 926 m²
Year : 2021
Photographs :César Béjar
Manufacturers : Atlas Schindler, Barrisol, Cemex, Artexa, Lifen, Lioli
Carpentry : Lifen Studio
Lighting Design : OnOff Studio
City : Guadalajara
Country : Mexico