Lucky Penny咖啡店,澳大利亚, Biasol Design Studio

Lucky Penny位于南亚拉教堂街(Chapel Street)的中心地带–墨尔本最著名的时尚零售街之一。这家咖啡馆于2014年年中开始营业,因为其中一位业主偶然发现地上有一便士。这个偶然的时刻不仅给咖啡馆起了名字,还引发了一连串的事件,导致这个美丽的场所开业。

Lucky Penny sits in the heart of Chapel Street, South Yarra – one of Melbourne’s most prominent fashion retail strips. The cafe commenced trading in mid-2014, after one of the owners found, by chance, a penny on the ground. This serendipitous moment not only gave the cafe its name, but also trigged a chain of events that led to the beautiful venue opening its doors.

作为一个室内设计项目,Lucky Penny受到了Chapel街时尚零售业声誉的挑战。Biasol:设计工作室需要打破当地人的任何既有预设,所以工作室的目标是创造一个在繁忙的零售街中脱颖而出的咖啡馆,同时也欢迎当地人。”我们必须创造一个朴实、谦逊,但又足以挑战当地人认知的内部空间,”工作室负责人Jean-Pierre Biasol说。

As an interior design project, Lucky Penny was challenged by Chapel Street’s reputation for fashion retail. Biasol: Design Studio needed to break any pre-existing presumptions locals had, so the studio aimed to create a cafe that would stand out on the busy retail strip, as well as welcome locals. “We had to create an interior that was unpretentious and humble, yet powerful enough to challenge local perceptions,” says studio principal Jean-Pierre Biasol.


The venue conveys a lived-in, homelike feel with a Scandinavian influence. The use of authentic and original materials that were exposed and retained during construction, as well as the addition of reclaimed timbers and striped back-and-white brick walls. Blonde timber floors, white paneled ceilings, pale greys, woven fabrics and tan leathers all add the modern interpretation of vintage Scandinavian inspired venue.

设计抓住了当代的平衡,将复古与现代相结合。咖啡馆的主吧台由当地回收的风化木材建造而成,吧台内摆放着复古的灰色金属吊灯,同时还有架子空间用于展示自制的蜜饯。高桌和来自Pop Plant的绿色植物沿着与吧台相邻的主墙,最小的杂物提供了一种轻松和舒适的感觉;而悬空的台灯则为整个主用餐区营造了亲切感。

The design captures a contemporary balance, combining vintage with modern. Constructed from locally sourced reclaimed and weathered timbers, the main cafe bar is lined with vintage grey metal pendants, accompanied by shelf space for the display of homemade preserves. High tables and greenery from Pop Plant run along the main wall adjoining the bar; minimal clutter offers a sense of ease and comfort; while overhanging desk lamps create intimacy throughout the main dining area.

Lucky Penny的家具大多由Biasol: Design Studio定制设计。工作室为Mezai设计的Tre Mezzo凳子与Ton的定制涂装Ironica椅一起坐落在空间周围。一个关键的考虑因素是最大限度地利用餐桌空间,因此特别设计了定制的褐色皮革菜单和杂志架,并将其放置在主砖墙的浅色木材衣架上。正如Jean-Pierre所解释的那样。”我们希望创造一个有家的感觉和生活的空间,在这里,复古与现代斯堪的纳维亚风格同样平衡。”

Lucky Penny’s furniture is mostly custom crafted and designed by Biasol: Design Studio. Tre Mezzo stools designed by the studio for Mezai are nestled around the space, along with the custom-painted Ironica chairs by Ton. A key consideration was to maximise table space, so custom-crafted tan leather menus and magazine holders were specifically designed and placed to sit along the pale timber coat racks on the main brick wall. As Jean-Pierre explains: “We wanted to create a space that felt homely and lived in, where the vintage was equally balanced with a modern Scandinavian feel.”

摄影:Martina Gemmola
国家: 澳大利亚
Architects: Biasol
Area: 115 m²
Year: 2014Year: 2014
Photographs: Martina Gemmola
Country: Australia


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