Lullula工作室,德国柏林,Studio Emily Broom

Lullula是由Studio Emily Broom设计的位于德国柏林的简约工作室。该工作室最近完成了一家有120年历史的药房的语音,音乐和教育工作室的室内设计。进入工作室后,从地板到天花板的紧密编织亚麻地板在美学和声学上都使空间安静,而前后教室窗户的天然亚麻纱为外界提供了私密性,并为空间带来了几乎宁静的氛围。楼层平面图是开放且灵活的,以允许在小组课程,私人课程,讲习班以及周末和晚上精选的活动日历之间轻松过渡。

Lullula is a minimalist studio located in Berlin, Germany, designed by Studio Emily Broom. The studio has recently completed the interior design of a studio for voice, music, and education situated in a former 120 year old pharmacy. Upon entering the studio, heavily woven linen floor to ceiling curtains quieten the space both aesthetically and acoustically, whilst natural linen sheers in the front and rear classroom windows provide privacy from the outside world and bring an almost serene quality to the space. The floor plan is open and flexible to allow for an easy transition between group classes, private lessons, workshops, and a curated calendar of events on weekends and evenings.

Design: Studio Emily Broom
Photography: Studio Emily Broom