Lumen山地摄影博物馆,意大利,Gerhard Mahlknecht

Lumen山地摄影博物馆在意大利白云石山脉的Kronplatz-Plan de Corones山顶上开放。
建筑师格哈德•霍尔克内希特(Gerhard Mahlknecht)负责对位于南蒂罗尔(South Tyrol)中心海拔2,275米的前索道缆车站进行大修。它已重建为1,800平方米的展览和活动空间,最多可容纳200人。

The Lumen Museum of Mountain Photography has opened atop Mount Kronplatz-Plan de Corones in Italy’s Dolomite Mountains.
Architect Gerhard Mahlknecht was tapped to overhaul the former funicular station, which sits 2,275m above sea level in the heart of the South Tyrol. It has been reborn as 1,800 sqm of exhibition and event space that fits up to 200 people.

Lumen还设有AlpiNN 餐厅,由驻地厨师Marco Perez在Norbert Niederkofler的指导下领导,他的餐厅在崎岖的多洛米蒂山脉上拥有戏剧性的景观。
展览分为四个层次 – 包括一个专门为登山家莱因霍尔德•梅斯纳尔设计的永久性展览和一个镜像画廊 – 并从政治,灵性,登山和旅游的角度绘制山地摄影的历史。

Lumen also houses AlpiNN restaurant, helmed by resident chef Marco Perez under the direction of Norbert Niederkofler, whose dining room has dramatic vistas across the craggy Dolomites.
Exhibitions span four levels – including a permanent exhibition dedicated to mountaineer Reinhold Messner and a mirrored gallery – and chart the history of mountain photography from the perspectives of politics, spirituality, alpinism and tourism.

Design: Gerhard Mahlknecht
Photography: Manuel Kottersteger


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