M梳妆台,日本东京, Ship Architecture

M梳妆台是由东京工作室Ship Architecture设计的简约梳妆台。这件作品是作为纪念客户父母结婚的礼物而创作的。这样做的目的是创造一种梳妆台,其中包括三面镜,一个用于存放吹风机,熨斗,制作工具和和服的空间。梳妆台具有不可动摇的品质,专门针对使用它的人进行个性化设置。因此,建筑师希望将所有必需的功能包括在一个坚固的橡木盒子中,仅在打开时才显示其中的内容。

Dressing Table for M is a minimalist vanity designed by Tokyo-based studio Ship Architecture. The piece was created as a gift to commemorate the marriage of a client to her parents. The brief was to create a vanity that would include a three-sided mirror, a space for storing hair dryers, irons, make tools, and a kimono. The dressing table has an untouchable quality to it, personalized specifically for the person using it. As such, the architects wanted to include all required functions within a solid oak box, having the contents within revealed only when opened.

Design:Ship Architecture
Photography:Ship Architecture
Architect:ship architecture / toshiya nakamura + ai fuji
Craftsman:element wood works / Koichi Tsuchida


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